Is there anywhere in New Orleans to stay? Seems as though all hotels are booked. Does anyone have any ideas?
New Orleans Lady
2006-02-13 21:57:41 UTC
must go home back home for demolition of my house . Everything is full for miles around. Don't know what to do. Can anyone help,or know of vacant rooms?
Two answers:
2006-02-14 07:21:31 UTC
Go to and there is a section on housing or at least you can post information for your rental needs, craigslist of N.O. may also generate some responses. Best to you.
Cosmic I
2006-02-14 22:36:16 UTC
This will sound hard-hearted, but here FEMA emptied out a lot of those hotel rooms that evacuees were staying in; maybe you could scoop up one of those if you move fast enough. Make some phone calls to hotels around downtown, like the French Quarter Holiday Inn.

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