Is New Orleans recovered right now?
2006-02-19 02:42:56 UTC
Is New Orleans recovered right now?
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2006-02-19 02:54:40 UTC
not at 100% but it's recovering they've let people come back since September 15
2006-02-20 18:17:35 UTC
Most of the area is recovered including the Vieux Carre (French Quarter), the CBD, Uptown, Marigny and Algiers. The Mid City area and carrollton are about half and half. Gentilly, Lakeview, the lower 9th Ward and New Orleans East are still devastated but each day there are more and more people back and more and more houses being reinhabited - but still a long way to go. All the suburbs are mostly okay now except Chalmette (and St. Bernard Parish). Economy is still off by about 75%. All major tourist attractions are open as are most hotel and restaurants. Basic services and infrastructure are about 90% back in place. FEMA is the new four-letter "f" word.
Nicola J
2006-02-23 21:05:55 UTC
If you're asking this b/c you want to visit, my advice is that you make sure you have health insurance before you go. I read an article on yahoo news about the charity hospital there, and it sounds like a horror story. They're set up in the convention center but will have to move soon. They can do x-rays and bloodwork but can't set bones or give any treatment except prescriptions. So, if you don't have insurance and break a bone in New Orleans, you're going to have a long wait and will get sent elsewhere to have it set.
2006-02-19 22:54:07 UTC
depends on the neighborhood. Most parts of uptown, downtown, warehouse district, french quarter, and the marigny are pretty normal with most businesses open. All of the suburbs are doing pretty well with most people back.

However, lakeview, NO East, and the lower 9th still have huge areas of devistation with little recovery. It will take many years and billions of dollars for recovery. We are also trying to revamp and streamline our government, which is a daunting task in itself.

Mardi Gras is underway now and coventions are coming back. I'm optimistic that it will be a good carnival season.
Cosmic I
2006-02-20 09:39:42 UTC
No, it will be a long time before we are recovered. I don't think we'll ever be the same as before the storm, but perhaps we can make it better. There are lots of areas that still have no electricity and are almost uninhabitable. There are areas where clean-up hasn't even started. Come see for yourself.
free lancer
2006-02-19 02:45:46 UTC
i needs 20 years and billions to recover completely
2006-02-19 15:15:59 UTC
noway my son is still there he said all you see is fema trailers.things close early and so fast food you can only go through drive through
2006-02-19 14:15:02 UTC
No, we have a long way to go.

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