how can i go to US for living?
2006-01-31 08:13:50 UTC
I am An sudent of the Iran University.My major of education is public relations.I want to go to US for studing and Also I need to find a good job in there.please guide me.
Three answers:
2006-01-31 08:24:18 UTC
First of all you need to contact BCIS (USA immigration) and ask what the requirements for an Iran student to transfer to the U.S. are. Once you find those out, fulfill them and it will be easier to remain in the United States without a problem. So after you get your permit to come to the U.S. either take a plane, or a boat and get here, then get your life started ;o)
2006-02-01 04:40:48 UTC
Its sad on how some of my fellow citizens have reacted to your question and I beleive the internet and Yahoo questions is based on questions and answers.

Your question seems reasonable and perhaps you could recieve assistance from the local university and apply for a student visa to study abroad in your field of study.

Best to you.
2006-01-31 16:15:17 UTC
Take a boat

Apply for a job at McDonalds

Apply for StudentAID

Register at a college

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