Does your plans include Mardi Gras?
2006-02-11 02:14:01 UTC
In Louisiana, Carnival season means it's time to celebrate. From parades with spirited marching bands and keepsake throws, to the opulent balls and family festivals, there’s something for everyone in the days leading up to Mardi Gras. Whether you visit north Louisiana, Cajun Country, or the heart of New Orleans, it’s party time.

Visit for information on Mardi Gras events around the state. Catch exciting parades, balls, parties and more in the days leading up to Mardi Gras!
Two answers:
Cosmic I
2006-02-14 14:41:04 UTC
I never miss Mardi Gras. I have lived here in New Orleans my entire life. Currently I am working on my costume for Fat Tuesday. It's going to be great !
2006-02-11 02:18:28 UTC
Williamsport PA 's 10th anniversary is this year and I just might go., I have friends at my new job and I might stay with them instead of going home drunk that weekend.

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